Thursday, May 11, 2006

Two More Items

SO SOON A CYNIC? I went to the gym after work this evening. I drove past the celebrity opening of something called Social Hollywood, which is in the old Hollywood Athletic Club, down the street from the Y. As I crept down the street looking for a spot, I noticed Lara Flynn Boyle on the red carpet, posing for the photogs. My first thought? "Great, I could have parked right there."

TREE STUMP OF DEATH! As I was walking up to my building after my workout, a very drunk woman tried to step over the tree stump that's left after my adventure with the mover. She didn't have a chance, and bit it, hard. Sorry, lady.

Although, maybe it's a good thing the tree went down. Is a little fall better than running smack into a tree?

O.K. I guess not.

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