Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ride On, Silverbelle

I was supposed to post this long ago. Apologies to Silverbelle and Beth Jones, Rocket Fever's Southern correspondent. From Beth:

Silverbelle loves to meet new people and eat peanut butter out of a spoon. At ten years old, her back legs no longer work so she spends much of her time in a doggie wheelchair. But she still zipped around my neighborhood on walks, and I met more of my neighbors walking her over the course of a week than in all the five years I lived on Manassas Drive.

Silverbelle's Daddy called midway through the week, wanting his little girl back (see the tearful reunion with grandma014. jpg). Silverbelle will once again ride with him cross country in his big rig, peaking her head out the window, the wind blowing her ears. Ride on, Silverbelle. Ride on.

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Hud said...

I feel there is a massive back story that you seemed to have forgotten to relay to us...