Sunday, May 14, 2006

Pat Muir, Report to the Lost and Found

Pat, you left your Afro pick in the locker room at the Hollywood/Wilshire YMCA.


Pat said...


Thanks for looking out for me, but I cut that mangy fro as soon as my return flight from Vegas landed.

It was strange, I think, for some of the other passengers on the plane. You know, standing there in the aisle with their carry-ons waiting for the barber, who insisted on giving me a hot-foam shave, to clear the aisle. And lord knows how he got that straight razor onboard a commercial flight.

But I digress. Brass tacks: That is not my pick.

Patrick "Demure" D. Muir

Lawrence Everett Forbes said...

You know, I have a pick like that--but mine's got a fist at the end, and a peace sign in the middle. Sure, I haven't used it in years--and probably won't ever again--but....