Friday, May 26, 2006

M-Day Bits

1. Joe Frey's blog is back!

2. I'm going to Sonoma for the weekend!

3. I haven't had coffee in weeks!

4. The world is coming back to reality: Some shoot-'em-up movie was on the TV last night in the locker room.

5. A special Memorial Day shout to stepbrother Michael Kirby, who's stationed in Iraq with the Army.

6. I'm going to be a few minutes late to work today!

7. Read this fascinating story about one of the guys who kidnapped Frank Sinatra Jr. Looks like his life quietly ended in Roanoke, which means Mike Allen is all over it!


Jonathan said...

Why did you stop drinking coffee?

Derek said...

Craig without coffee is like a day without sunshine. Please get back on the bean.

Stephanie! said...

I'm 20 minutes late for work almost every single day!

Charley said...

no coffee for 2 wks?! wow...I would die without it for a day!