Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Dad Report

Father and son connected last week for what will become known as a legendary week in family history. If I may speak for the Old Man, he had the time of his life. We packed every day with events, but neither of us ever felt worn out. And, since I did all the driving, I never had to hear once about where Dad usually puts his peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches while driving.

Highlights included:

  • Meeting up with family friend Doug Cooney, who's a writer out here, at the L.A. Times Festival of Books. Doug was there doing a reading with Marlee Matlin, who he'd just finished writing a children's book with. We got to shake hands with Ms. Matlin, who was super nice. Then, to make the event that much cooler, Henry Winkler tapped me on the shoulder to ask if he could cut in front to say a quick hello to Ms. Matlin. What a town.
  • Dad taking what I think is the first recorded major walking tour of central Hollywood. He might be up for some minor designation for walking from his hotel in Beachwood Canyon to the L.A. Weekly offices on Sunset. I believe the walk was about five total miles; calculated in L.A. walking miles, he basically climbed Everest.
  • Spending a day in Chinatown (pictures below), geeking on all the cool stuff in the markets, buying exotic tea, macking on some banana rolls (beyond my ability to explain), and checking out the local branch of the library.
  • Hitting up Neptune's Net, which was fun despite the relatively crappy weather. After that, we headed back south for the Ashes and Snow exhibit near the Santa Monica Pier, peeped Ted Danson browsing in the Barnes & Noble on Third Street, and attended a cool and fun volunteer-appreciation dinner with the Chrysalis folks.
  • Going to the Museum of Jurassic Technology, which I won't attempt to explain here. If you're curious, come see me in L.A. and I'll take you. Trust me: There's no other way. Later that day, we went to a Dodgers game with Mike. The Dodgers suck, but we did get to see some great pitching (poor hitting?).
  • Capping the trip with dinner at Leonor's, the greatest vegetarian Mexican restaurant on Earth.
In Chinatown.

Dad really let his mustache go during the trip.

The woman at the Chinatown market told me this is ginseng. I personally think it's a giant squid. Giant, you ask? This thing is actually 12 feet tall; you just can't tell from the photo.

Dad tried to buy me some cloud ear, but I was like, "Pop, I have enough cloud ear to choke a horse, man. Enough with the cloud ear already!"

What's up, steamed shrimp at Neptune's Net? Wanna take on the Gaines boys? THEN YOU GONNA DIE!

Dad with "Becky." Up until this point, near the end of the trip, Dad wasn't quite sure a "Becky" existed.

Up in Griffith Park. No sweat.

At the Dodgers game.

This burrito is bigger than your head, but good for your heart.


Drake said...

happy birthday to the hud!

Craig said...

So this is what it's come to? I'm getting scooped by a Michigan kid about Hud's birthday on my own blog? Are these the depths I've fallen to?

Happy birthday, friend.

Pat said...

Long live the Hud!

And best birthday wishes. I know your 24th year will be just as good as your 23rd!


jon mahalak said...

Museum of Jurassic History = one of the very coolest places EVER. I've never met anyone who's been there besides my two friends who took me there. Well played, Gaines.

jon mahalak said...

Jurassic Technology, whatever.

Craig said...

It's good to know there's someone else out there who's been to that crazy place. I was kind of worried I'd imagined the whole thing.

Hud said...

Thanks to all. I'm hammered, it's 1:14p and I'm at work. Best b-day ever...

I'd also like to thank E. Gaines for his company during the visit. A great and thoughtful man the world could learn a lesson from.

Craig said...

Thanks, Mikey. He's a Hud fan, no doubt.

solari said...


Chargenda said...

why does becky look half asian in that photo? Is it the Chinatown effect?