Monday, May 01, 2006

Atta Boy, Ray

"The more important question to ask is, 'Who lives here and how do we treat each other?' We treat each other better than New Yorkers treat each other ... . New Yorkers are a bunch of goddamn snobs, and you can quote me. In L.A., it's a very free society, very open society, very creative society."

—Ray Bradbury quote included in the Los Angeles Times' 125th-anniversary-edition Home section

Thanks to Becky for forwarding it!


Becky Amos said...

I'm going to have to respectfully disagree. New Yorkers rock. But you know who rocks more than New Yorkers? People from Jersey. Nicest people I've ever met - they just don't put up the facade like those LA snobs. :)

Oooooh, them's fightin' words!

Craig said...

Atta girl, Amos. Way to stick up for the home team.

I love nothing more than a good rivalry. Well, except for Becky Amos.