Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Photo Week: Hump Day

Wednesday's photos come from the great Ilya Perchikovsky of Detroit, New York, Moscow, the world. With descriptions by the photographer.

Hip-hop Rolls-Royce

Visiting Jon and Lauren in S.F. Bought that NKOTB sweatshirt from on elderly Chinese man, think I paid $20 for it. Best purchase ever made!

Stunning 'Teatro Colon" opera house in Buenos Aires

Candelabra stunner inside the Blue Mosque (pronounced "jAHm-ee") in Istanbul

Poor Kurdish farmer boy named Ramazan, on the 21-hour bus ride back to Istanbul.

Blow Voltran Factory in Istanbul, not sure what they manufacture there?


Jonathan said...

I took the sweatshirt picture! You paid ten dollars for it, and the whole story is right here.

Jonathan said...

Sorry, here.

Ken said...

Blow-Voltran is a manufacturer of "blank firing guns, air guns, starter and signal guns for sporting, training, self-defence and theatrical purposes".