Sunday, April 23, 2006

Maybe Now I'm Getting Too Picky, But ...

So Lansing had its little neo-Nazi thing on Saturday. The Journal did an O.K. job covering it, but now I'm bugged by something else. Go to the LSJ's main page covering the "event" and check out the logo for the package. Doesn't that basically look like a neo-Nazi logo? Aren't those colors normally associated with the neo-Nazis? Even the font reminds me of a neo-Nazi logo.

Again, I may be getting too picky here (and I'm not sure how many of you care about the fine details of LSJ coverage, but deal), but why not create a logo that's a bit more, um, neutral? It's an odd decision.


Here's a nice little story on urban gay youth. This has always fascinated me, since I can't remember anyone coming out while I was in school; I always assumed it would be too dangerous for them. Maybe times are changing, the piece says, but no less complex. I only wish the writer would have pursued the black church angle more. My guess is most pastors are way too scared to say anything on the subject.


Hayley said...

A young, lesbian friend of mine once described Eastern as the gay high school. She explained that Eastern had more out gays than other high schools in the Lansing area and that their gay/straight alliance was really good. This surprised me. But, then, Eastern has really changed a lot since either one of us was there. Also, I've read some interesting things about Black churches being reluctant to acknowledge both gays and the presence of HIV/AIDS.

dsgnslave said...

Craig I totally agree with you about the logo they chose to design. They totally are neo nazi design esque stuff yadda yadda. But was that logo designed byt the crazy nazi people holding the rally? Or was it put there by someone from the paper? If so that offensive and in very poor taste by the designer.

Craig said...

First, Sister, that's good news if it's true.

Secondly, Brian, I'm sure it was designed by the Journal. They've been using it for quite a while.