Monday, April 17, 2006

"Cos" for Celebration!

I got all emotional yesterday when I heard the big news: Kate Cosgrove is getting married to her longtime boyfriend, Chris! This union comes with a hearty Rocket Fever endorsement. I've known both these cats for years and can say with airtight confidence that they will instantly become one of the coolest married couples I know.

I met Cos during my study abroad in London. The first time I ever heard her speak, she was telling other folks on the trip that there was no way she could stand our nasty bathroom conditions because she was a "princess." Stay clear of that one, I thought. But we were best friends by, like, the next day, and she's been a close, valued confidant ever since.

Chris, a fellow proud product of the Lansing School District, lived on my floor during freshman year at Shaw. Despite this and the fact that he and Kate have been dating for approximately 47 years, I've only met the guy on a handful of very enjoyable occasions. I actually wrote about one of those in a post last year. So I guess all that means is that I have some catching up to do, which should start when the newly engaged visit L.A. in the near future.

My deepest, warmest congratulations to you both. ROCKET FEVER HUZZAHS ALL AROUND!

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