Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Here and There

I've been tooling around with the links again, so take a gander.


A Rocket Fever Huzzah is in order for the Rapturous Russian, Ilya Perchikovsky, who has finally joined the kind of enviro company that he's been pining for. Mazel tov, you crazy you!


If you were a big, fat, naked guy in the Hollywood YMCA lockerroom, would you loudly sing "I wish I was an Oscar Mayer weiner"? I mean, that's weird, right?


Another Huzzah goes to one Rebecca A. Hudson, who took home a gold and silver during her rowing competition this weekend! A champion under our own roof!


Happy birthday to Roanoke's Coffee Pot, the scene of my farewell party when I was working down there. A cool little spot if there ever was one!

1 comment:

ilyushka said...

Ze Rooskie vont to sey BIG SENK-YU to Rocketa-Fever for vodka saport and help viz English, you are zi bast!

... and a big congrats to Becky the in-house rowing championista!