Monday, March 06, 2006

The Great Bathroom Debate

A few weeks ago I was taking a drunk dial from a good friend of mine (no names), when she suddenly apologized for flushing. "Whoa," I said. "Flushing?"

"Yeah, I'm in the restroom at the bar."

"No. No ... Nooooooo!!!"

Needless to say, I was shocked. Call me a prude, but I always thought one's time in the restroom was private time, for private things. It's a time of quietude, reflection, and not talking on the effing cell phone. But am I in the minority on this?

During the next few days, I inquired among some friends if calling from the can is acceptable. So far, most of the men say no and the women say yes. Not only that, but many of the women say that they too make calls from the toilet -- both at home and while out in public! These preliminary findings -- falling so closely along the gender lines -- have shocked me. I feel like I've discovered a secret civilization living right out in the open: Savage women who make cell phone calls from the restroom.

So in the interest of modern anthropology, Rocket Fever is opening a new front in the battle of the sexes. I ask you: Is calling from the can OK? Please note that there are two polls: Ladies and Gentlemen.


Becky Amos said...

by the way, Gaines, i hate you for two things: (1) for telling that story and (2) for posting that picture. we are no longer friends.

just kidding....i'm really only mad about the picture. :) i call everyone from the bathroom, so you should all be prepared.

Mary said...

Three things:
1. I love that Gaines posted that picture!
2. I only use the bathroom when talking to Becky. (and sometimes Cindy)
3. In 10 hours I will be on a plane to Vegas!

ilyushka said...

craigster, sorry to break the news to ya, but some of our best conversations have transpired from, um, you know, my 'private office.'

i should briefly explain, my GF is in lawschool, we live in sudio, and its just the curteous thing to do. but i'm a multi-tasker by nature so, i do what comes naturally, don't excuse the pun.

the difference with me is that i mute the phone while flushing, thereby avoiding any disruptions to the convesation, and not grossing out whoever i'm talking to.

Craig said...

I don't even know you anymore.

pat said...

I'm with Craig.

You people sicken me.

Craig, your outrage here is not at all misplaced. Not wanting to talk to people as they defecate and urinate does not make you a prude.

Stay strong on this issue, Craig.

pat said...

i made a poop somewhere in the newsroom.

stephanie/ bathroom nazi said...

i have girl parts and i still say, yeah, um, NO. not good, not good. actually, it's always been curious to me why cell phones are allowed to control lives. while i carry my phone with me always, i don't feel i need to always be available in the way that might suggest. so certainly such a private space is not a phone thing for me.

plus, it's just gross.

Craig said...

Pat and Stephanie, you are standard bearers for good taste. I salute you.

And, yes, Pat did make a poop in the newsroom. But he wasn't talking to anyone on the phone at the time.

Craig said...


I was going to leave (at least part of) this as a comment on your
blog, but my computer has,as of late, had issues with your blog, so I
thought I'd rather not mess with that.

I don't feel like I want to talk to people while I'm in the bathroom,
but if someone else wants to talk to me while they're in the bathroom,
I'm fine with that. So I answered yes on the poll. But your poll
doesn't really get to the heart of the matter. The question implies
that the pollee is alright with talking on the phone while in the
bathroom. But, especially concerning your story (you weren't in the
bathroom, your friend was) the pollee could look at it from , say, my
p.o.v. A thorough anthropological survey would be sure to ask those
questions from both view points (will you talk on the phone while on
the loo, and is it okay for others to talk to you while they're on the
loo). You're losing both qualitative and quantitative integrity,

And, as a matter of fact, Missouri Tim got mad at me the other day
when I hung up on him because I had to pee. He insisted that I could
pee while I was on the phone with him, but I roundly rejected that
notion. Furthermore the first telephone conversation I ever had with
Dan Brooks occured while he was pooping. I'm rather certain that many
of the phone conversations I've had with him have been bathroom
conversations. Face it, Craig, we are products of Dad.

Also, interesting word fact regarding the term loo: gardyloo -
spirited warning cry that once preceded the emptying of slops,
bucketsful of wastewater, from an upstairs window into the street
below. A corruption of the French expression gard de l'eau, which
meant roughly "look out for the water," this expression was frequently
heard in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in England and
Scotland, where a water closet is still referred to as a loo.

KR said...

I'd like to say, the first time I read the "Poop Survey" entry I didn't notice the link to the picture. Then reading the BA and MS comments forced me to slow down, go back and check it out.

I have to side with CG on the photo. It was a nice touch.

By the way, I like talking on the phone while on the potty. Some may say it's because I have a small child and that's the only place I get a minute but that's not true. One, Jack likes to follow me in and say "Stinky" and Two, I called people from the pooper long before I was a Mama.

dr. teeth said...

the question is: would you hold a regular (non-phone, non-email, non-text message) conversation with someone while he or she was poopin?

the answer: of course not.

Hayley said...

I disagree. I would, in fact, have a non-phone, non-email, non-text message conversation. I have, actually. Because the person I'm talking to knows what I'm doing. But if you're talking on the phone, and you don't tell the person what you're doing while you're talking on the phone, then you flush, that's being tricky and deceptive.