Tuesday, March 14, 2006

4 Nights, 14 Friends, 4 Mustaches, 196 beers*

As Dr. Nick, J. Cook, and I say when we enter a room, "Hi, everybody!" We're back from Las Vegas, and if we're not well rested (this trip wasn't built for relaxation), we are beaming with happiness over a legendary weekend. There are too many anecdotes and pictures to fit into a single post, so the Rocket Fever Vegas Recap will be filled with remembrances all week.

A few opening observations:

We still have it. We can zing one-liners (overalls) and sling beers with the best of them. This weekend was an instant recall to the long nights spent in East Lansing student ghetto slums. The only differences: The drinks are now more expensive, and the accommodations are a bit nicer.

The mustaches were a raving success. Mike, Jamie, Steve, and I went through considerable physical and social discomfort to make ourselves look like smalltime hoods for the weekend. Even Becky finally admitted she liked the 'staches. And as far as I know, Cook still has his. (Mike has some amazing shots of these bad boys, which will appear in this space soon.)

We're troopers. All who made the trip did so at considerable personal expense. Kudos to all who burned precious vacation days for a weekend of gambling and foolery.

Watching college basketball with friends is special. Even when you have to shake Heather Burns' hand after her Hawkeyes bounce your Spartans from the Big 10 Tournament.

The Rain Forest Cafe blows. 'Nuff said.

We might have to bid adieu to the days of malt liquor 40s. Again, 'nuff said.

One final toast: To Mike Damn Hudson, who had the bold vision that made this trip a reality. A blue-ribbon Rocket Fever Huzzah to you, fine sir.

Mike and Becky Hudson + Pat Muir + Spotty ("Michael") + Jamie Cook + Steve and Erin Davis + Mary Grace Sell + Cindy Lacy + Heather and Erin + Ryan Ward + Scott Baird = Best trip ever.

*Please note that this beer total reflects hotel-room drinking only. We also killed off half a bottle of gin, almost an entire bottle of bourbon, and an untold number of drinks at various fine establishments along the Strip.


Unfortunately, Blogger is not allowing me to post images at the moment. Expect a ton to come in the next few days.


Final BR Poll results:

Yes (O.K. to call from the can): 10
No: 13

Yes: 9
No: 3


Becky Amos said...

And I, like Ms. Sell, find strippers to be both soft and aromatic (as Mary witnessed firsthand back in the fall).

Sounds like a blast and I promise I will be at the next one (if invited!) no matter what!

dr. cobweb said...

you guys ARE troopers. SUPER troopers. you can't tell me you didn't go for the bad '70s highway patrol look with those bigotes ...