Monday, February 13, 2006

So What Does a Vice President Say After Shooting a Guy?

It was quiet weekend at the ranch, seeing as the loudest cowboy was snowboarding in Colorado (photo to come once Blogger gets its act together). Errands, an MSU loss, drunk dials, freelance work, YMCA visit, pizza with Becky, and curling filled the days off.


Well lookie, lookie, it's Justin Bilicki.


This is where I live. I live here.


I need a new poll idea. Anyone?


Leslie Rotan's Africa blog is quickly becoming a favorite. This is highwire blogging without a net.


dr. rosenrosen said...

poll idea: do you think this poll is a dumb idea? 1) Yes 2) No

MLJ said...

Gaines, you live in the streets? Why didn't you tell anyone?! I'll start a collection for you at work. I knew LA would eat you alive.

Craig said...

Actually, I can fly.

Kevin said...

Hellmann's® or Miracle Whip®?

Solari said...

I believe, to answer your question, that the VP says, "I have vanquished thee, my wretched nemesis Alexander Hamilton."