Tuesday, February 07, 2006


The dog is barking, and someone is insisting on having loud gardening work being done during the day (the buzz is somewhere between a chain saw and a wood chipper, and it is going to drive me to distraction soon), so I take a break for a post that will probably be as disjointed as I am.


The weekend was a mash of working, grocery shopping (which I've been doing a lot of lately), and Super Bowling. Mike and I put ourselves and the hospitable mercies of the Glarum clan, and we were richly rewarded. My meager contribution of shrimp dip was joined by various other forms of dip, pizza, beer, and fudge that's so good it's illegal in four Southern states (fudge courtesy of Mary's sister Erin).

Seriously, can we cut out the buzzing?

The game itself was a bit of a wash, although I did get to enjoy it in crisp HD on Sivert's new screen. The refs blew that interference call on the Hawks, but you deserve to lose when your kicker misses two field goals and your receivers drop some cupcakes.

It looks like Detroit had itself a merry time during the week. Anyone in the D have any Super Bowl stories?

Please, please, please shut up with the buzzing.

Thanks again to Mary and Sivert for a helluva time.


Congrats to Becky Amos, who is fleeing the cutthroat world of New York-area real estate to return to the warm embrace of journalism. Becky will be an editorial assistant at something called Wiley Publishing in Hoboken. Congrats, Amos!

I'm begging. Please cut it with the buzzing.


In further Becky news, Becky H. caused massive rowing carnage this weekend with two successful races, one indoors and one in the water! Beck came home from the Saturday indoor race (which are performed on machines called ergs) with a shiny medal! Woohoo, Beck!

My ears are starting to bleed. My vision is blurring.


And look out, world, because here comes Mike. Hud will be flying first class to a bunch of different places during the next week. I stopped listening to him after awhile (he does tend to go on), but I gather he'll be in Vail for a -- ready for this? -- snowboarding function. Then he'll be in Atlanta for some other nonsense. Safe travels, Mikey.

I will shove shards of glass in my ears if that's what it takes. Sweet mercy. Make it stop.


Here's something I want to get off my chest: Windshield wipers. Seems like they start to streak just weeks after buying the things. And they're not cheap either. Why, just the other day --

[Hey, guys. Becky Hud here. I heard a loud crash a minute ago and ran upstairs to find Gaines curled up in a ball on the floor. The side of his head is bleeding a bit, but I think he'll be O.K. I'm not sure why he took this nasty spill, but he keeps mumbling something about "the men with the buzzy noisemakers." Whatever. Hey, did anyone catch "Puppy Bowl II" on Animal Planet last weekend? I can't decide what I liked better, the puppies or the kitten halftime show. I'll tell ya, though that poodle pup ...]


Amy B. said...

That poodle pup was the suckiest one - too big, too white, too fluffy. That's the one you mean, right? Dumb. No way!

presto said...

I have too many SuperBowl XLstories to recount - tie for best between drinking for free Thursday night with a bunch of new friends at the Firehouse where one of my good friends received a most prestigious award, seeing the Kid Rock show at the Joe on Friday night, or being at the Jimmy Kimmel show taping at the Gem Theater on Sunday where we were just feet away from Diddy, Jerome Bettis (and his mom and dad!), Antwaan Randal-El and his adorable kiddies, Sarah Silverman, Kid Rock and Hank Williams Jr. - oh, and of course, Jimmy himself! (He's so cute in person!) Almost felt you LA kiddies for a hot hour or two. I wish every weekend was SuperBowl weekend in Detroit!

The best part - we kept it cheap. The most money I spent any one night was $50 the night of Kid Rock. I had a ball and didn't even fork out a crapload of money like many people around here who ended up having shitty times at the celebrity parties that half of the "celebrity hosts" barely showed up for.

Kevin said...

My friend Pamela drank with Jim Belushi at Union Street before the Maxim party. Ricardo Antonio Chavira was there too.

This is bested by my friend Stevie who tends bar for a living and also tended bar at said Maxim party. Who did he serve, you ask?

None other than one George Wendt, aka Norm from Cheers.