Monday, February 27, 2006

Best BR Contest!

Jon Stein just e-mailed me about a best restroom award contest that includes a Lansing restaurant! More details at Jon's blog.

Look to this space for another bathroom-related discussion later this week.


We're in the midst of a fantastic visit by Detroiters/Brits Sheri and Paul. Details and photos will follow, but rest assured they are ace people.


Two quick notes of remembrance on the death of Don Knotts:

1. My mom and step-dad will watch an episode of "The Andy Griffith Show" anytime, anywhere. It doesn't matter that they've already seen the episode a dozen times. They're obsessed, and Deputy Barney Fife had much to do with that.

2. For some reason, "Andy Griffith" was always on the newsroom TV when I worked in Virginia. That song's opening whistle always brings me back to my happy days at The Roanoke Times.

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