Monday, January 23, 2006

Wake Up, Wake Up, It's the First of the Week ...

I move from a relaxing, conversation-filled weekend to a king-hell-busy week with the stealth of a ninja. I just killed you, and you don't even know it yet.

  • The Super Bowl had damn well better be more exciting than the divisional games.
  • Scott Baird is the embodiment of good people.
  • There must be something in the Lansing water (or wine?) to make the locals so talkative.


Chauncey Billups: the next Joe Dumars?


I guess I wouldn't mind if Michigan sold off Ann Arbor. But I'm not so sure about its parks.


Pay attention to the Rocket Fever links. Additions and subtractions occur constantly.


MLJ said...

Bone Thugs!

dr. cyclops said...

yeah, yeah, the divisional games stunk. but i have two items to run past you: one football, one baseball (both cleveland-related).

1) The Browns MUST pay attention to the Steelers and the way management runs that organization. I don't care if I get lynched for saying so, but the Browns WISH they could be like the Steelers. And I don't care if Cowher loses again; he's a Hall of Fame coach and has taken the [Myron Cope voice] Stillerzah to infinitely more Superbowls than all Browns coaches combined.

2) If the Tribe trades Coco Crisp, I'm going to raise hell with my Indians season ticket representative. I'll DEMAND satisfaction.

as you were.


Solari said...

For Doc One-Eye:

1)'s great, as a native Pittsburgher, to FINALLY hear someone from the Mistake by the Burning River to admit to the little-brother syndrome that Cleveland has had since the 70s (1964 is a long, long, LONG time ago. Hell, just ask Lions fans!).

It's been hard to even hate that town because the Browns have been so bad. Lucky for me that my ex-girlfriend is from Cleveland and still lives there to keep that gutteral gnawing there. Of course, you have the R'n'R Hall of Fame, so you've got that going for ya.

Be sure to click on my link, btw. And if you want a great story about Myron Cope, check this out. The P-G sat with him during the Indy game (and there's also an audio clip) -

2) If the Tribe gets Marte in this deal, they are going to be set for a long, long while. CFs come and go (as evidenced by Kenny Lofton's 15 teams-in-4 year whirlwind tour). And you can always move an athletic IF to center, but never the other way around from the OF to 3b. A guy like Marte -- power hitting 3b with a glove and even more potential -- comes along once in a very, very, very great while. He will be a hell of a compliment to Hafner, and Mota is another quality arm in that deep bullpen.

Now, if we can only get the Pirates and Tigers to follow the Indians' model...

3) This is actually for Craig - how can you bring up Bone and not make reference to the Chris Rock skit about welfare carolling?